11 kW Airsys Unicool direct free cooler with DX compressor for data centers

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Our advantages

Airsys Unicool 11 kW direct free cooler with additional DX compressor cooling (type UNI.11V1B3 )

Including the equipment options
  • Air filter / air filter protection

  • PGD display

  • Blygold coated registers
    • Prevents corrosion
    • Triples the useful life
    • Saves up to 30% on energy costs
    • 11,000+ hours of salt spray

Further equipment variants on request.

UNICOOL is a compact system, consisting of a combination of direct free cooling with a variable mechanical cooling system.
UNICOOL was developed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of TELEKOM base stations, to efficiently cool small and medium-sized data centers and to use free cooling at low outside temperatures. As a result, UNICOOL delivers an energy-efficient, OPEX-oriented cooling solution.

1 Integrated economizer for free cooling

The highly configurable economizer comes standard with seamless transitions on all units
and a variable capacity of up to 100% of the supply air volume of the fan.

6 Standalone mode

In the event of a loss of communication between the individual UNICOOL devices and the multi device controller, the system can also be operated completely in standalone mode with all functions. This includes free cooling, mechanical cooling, dehumidification and heating mode.

2 EC process air fan

As standard, we use quiet, energy-efficient EC fans in all our models.

7 Performance Monitoring

All variable compressor systems come with current monitoring tools that are displayed locally
and are available remotely. Performance monitoring can be used to measure efficiency
Used across systems, regions, and networks and for predictive maintenance.

3 Extreme temperature range

Designed for operation between -35 ° C and 55 ° C ambient temperature.

8 Capacitor power monitoring

The heat dissipation via the condenser is a critical element with regard to the performance of the air conditioning unit.
Monitoring capacitor performance makes smart maintenance decisions easy. Instead of
Condenser cleaning on a schedule, the registers can be cleaned if necessary.

4 2 layer external protection

The outside made of galvanized steel covered with an additional layer of thermosetting polymer
is coated, offers two anti-corrosion layers.

9 Reading out the performance data

The system provides real-time readings for performance parameters on the controller display as well as a
Remote monitoring. In conjunction with remote monitoring, this feature can enable predictive maintenance to save maintenance costs and improve system reliability. Some of the parameters read include:

• Overheating
• Hypothermia
• EEV status
• Variable compressor capacity
• hot gas pressure (high pressure)
• Hot gas temperature
• suction pressure (low pressure)
• suction gas temperature

5 Air filter protector

The AFPD (air filter protection device) is designed in such a way that it is in front of the primary filter of the UNICOOL device
Dust protects to prevent premature clogging of the filter.

10 multi-unit controllers (optional)

The microprocessor-controlled multi-controller can control up to 6 devices at the same time.

Functional scheme

Mechanical cooling only

When the outside air temperature is higher than the return air temperature, the DX system provides 100% mechanical cooling.



Mechanical cooling + free cooling

If the outside air temperature is lower than the return air temperature, but higher than the inlet setpoint, the UNICOOL device conveys part of the outside air into the room in order to reduce the compressor output with partial free cooling.

Free cooling only

If the outside temperature is lower than the inlet setpoint, the cooling load is covered with 100% free cooling.


Technical specifications

Device drawings

A selection of our references


Price including assembly:

Datenblatt und Technische Beschreibung (Unicool_brochure_germanV2-rev1-final.pdf, 10,155 Kb) [Download]

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