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62.5 kW Airsys Chillrow Inrow cooler for data centers, water-cooled

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Airsys is a global cooling product and service vendor, with 25 years experience...
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Airsys Chillrow 62.5 kW - CW water-cooled (type CW65C3)

Including filter sensor, floor water sensor, condensate pump, RS485 to TCP / IP converter

Further equipment variants on request.

The precision cooling units of the Airsys CHILLROW series offer precise and targeted cooling for data center applications. The CHILLROW devices are installed between the server cabinets and direct cold air into the cold aisle. Used as a stand-alone or as part of a larger CRAC unit installation, areas with high local heat density can be effectively addressed by the horizontal supply arrangement of the CHILLROW units, which increases the performance and efficiency of the overall cooling solution.

1 Coordinated design

CHILLROW devices are available in 2 housing widths
Industry standard available 300mm or 600mm) and im
Device design of the usual racks / server cabinets
adapted - both in the dimensions depth height) as well as in
the choice of color.

7 Electric heater and humidifier

Electric heating and humidifiers are not included in the standard version
installed, but can be installed as an optional accessory
(Exception: there is no humidifier for the 24B model).

2 supply air requirements

The short horizontal airway through the devices, with a front
or side discharge and rear suction reduced
the required fan power and thus increases the
Overall efficiency.

8 Serviceability

Service access is provided through both the front and the back of the devices, making both situations routine
Maintenance work can be done without the operation
the surrounding equipment or other installed precision coolers
to affect.

3 options for heat dissipation

The CHILLROW series is an air-cooled DX device (DXA)
or cold water device (CW) available; DXA devices
eliminate the risk of water leakage and can be a
while CW devices offer some level of redundancy
can be used where a new or
The existing cooling water system is available
Cooling capacity can be chosen so that it meets the requirements
corresponds best to the respective installation.

9 Easy installation

CHILLROW devices have been designed for easy maneuvering in tight spaces
Installation positions 4 steerable castors and additional height-adjustable ones
Feet for stable installation on site in the company. The piping connections
can be done both below and above - just like it
is required at the installation site.

4 Environmentally friendly refrigerant

R410A is used in DXA units and has a
Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of 0.

10 high flexibility

The small dimensions and the horizontal supply air arrangement
allow a high degree of flexibility in the placement of the
CHILLROW units. They are suitable for both new and
for existing data centers, can rely on a standard or
Raised floors are located and are highly scalable to the
Can be easily covered when the need for cooling increases.

5 Double drip tray

The first stainless steel drip tray is below
of the cooling register installed. The device base is available as an additional
Drip water trays designed to have a water outlet
to prevent.

11 Reduced operating costs

Thanks to the defined intermediate rack arrangement of the CHILLROW devices
can direct heat dissipation from any device
approx. 30 to 45 percent compared to a conventionally installed one
Cooling device can be increased. The waste heat is sent to the cooling device
fed directly where it occurs and a mixture of
Avoid warm and cold air in the room.

6 condensate water pump

If gravity drainage is not possible,
the customer can have a condensate pump as an option
choose. This pump comes with the first tub
installed and has a non-return valve around one
To prevent water backflow.

Functional scheme


Heat from the indoor air is transferred to the refrigerant at the evaporator and to the air-cooled condenser
the outside air is released. The air-cooled DX application (DXA) includes the configuration of the expansion valve, evaporator, scroll compressor and refrigerant line.


The CW unit is equipped with a cold water register and a 2-way or 3-way control valve including an actuator
and connected to an external cooling water source. The valve modulates according to the cooling requirement
to ensure optimized efficiency. The server heat is absorbed by the chilled water and over
the chiller released into the environment.

Technical specifications

A selection of our references

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Datenblatt und Technische Beschreibung (AIRSYS-CHILLROW-SB-V1.0-DE-2020-11-17.pdf, 17,335 Kb) [Download]

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