The Colocation Finder is a dcOrbis product. Find colocation services near you using our location filter or use one of our intelligent search filters. This is how you can find the right colocation provider for you and compare them directly with one another.


You use our search filter to select the criteria for the colocation provider that are important to you. Redundant energy supply, existing quality certificates or certain SLAs are just a small selection of our filter properties.
Our colocation finder suggests all providers that meet your search criteria.
Compare the providers directly with each other and choose the one that suits you best.



Search filter 1
Colocation services are offered transparently on dcOrbis. You filter according to the criteria that are relevant to you and receive offers based on them. With the help of the search filter, you avoid having to choose a provider that offers services that you do not need but still pay for, or that it does not meet your requirements.
Location search
With the location-based search, you can find your colocation provider in your area. Are you looking for a second data center location and do you value geo-redundancy? Is it important to you that your colocation provider comes from the region in which you are based? With the help of the location search, you can find the colocation provider at the right location for you using your postcode or the intuitive graphic map of Germany.
Direct comparison of providers
If several providers match your search criteria, the decision is often difficult. On dcOrbis you can directly compare and contrast your favorite providers. In this way you can easily determine the differences between the offers without having to have your own, often very time-consuming discussions.


Present your strengths
Publish your company news via dcOrbis who advertise with positive reviews. On dcOrbis, you make your colocation offer available to the entire data center market.
Let them find you
With the Colocation Finder, your future customers will find you quickly and easily. Define specific properties for your product and give customers the most detailed possible insight into your product portfolio
Easy order processing
As a provider at dcOrbis, you manage all inquiries, orders and orders via your own provider profile. With the help of a dashboard, you always have an overview of your activities.

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