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The FREECOOL-HD unit is a vertical standing, intelligent fresh air free cooling system, that introduces lower temperature ambient air into the equipment space, thereby pressurizing the room and displacing the warmer air away from the equipment. The FREECOOL-HD is suitable for both telecom and data center environments.

The FREECOOL-HD uses EC fan technology to automatically adjust the air volume according to the temperature setpoint, providing the lowest power consumption possible.

1 Energy efficiency

By using the FREECOOL-HD unit, the need to operate
existing air conditioning units within the equipment room
is greatly reduced, thereby lowering their overall electrical

5 Third-party control (optional)

The FREECOOL-HD unit can provide output signals to disable
other air conditioning systems, when it can meet the room
cooling demand.

2 Ease of maintenance

The main components such as: fan (s), motor (s), filters,
controller and other related components can be accessed and
maintained from the front of the unit

6 Remote control and monitoring (optional)

The unit can be installed with a RS232 or RS485
communication card to provide remote control capabilities
and monitoring by a BMS system with open communication

3 Intelligent control

FREECOOL-HD unit is microprocessor-controlled, providing
a fully automated intelligent system, maximizing energy
savings. Key features of the microprocessor and controller
• Working status display
• Control parameters
• Data log
• Maintenance and critical alarm readouts
• Power failure auto restart

7 Forced dehumidification system

The unit can be equipped with a PCOWEB Ethernet
communication card with TCP / IP protocol to provide remote
control and monitoring.

4 EC fan

The fan is the core component of the unit, utilizing EC fan
variable speed technology

8 Humidity control

The humidity sensor can prevent the introduction of high humidity air into the equipment room. The FREECOOLHD unit will turn off when the
humidity of the outside air reaches the humidity

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