KXP 1651-S3 | Tap-off box 160A with load switch 160A

KXP 1651-S3

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Steckbarer Abgangskasten 160A mit Lastschalter 160A für die Abgangsstellendes Systems KX
Tap-off box 160A with load switch 160A
and Si lower part NH00-3-pole
including twist grip and safety lock
Plug-in tap-off box for the tap-off points of the KX system
Housing made of painted sheet steel in the color RAL 3020 (red)
Cable entry from 3 directions with exchangeable, pre-assembled entry plates:
1x plate (RP2) with 1 x screw connection M40 clear Ø 32mm
2x plate (RP0) for self-assembly of screw connections (sheet steel)
Cable connection type: Bolt connection M8
Housing dimensions: (L / W / H) 520/300/210 + 50mm switch handle
Weight 15kg
(Note: The tap-off unit cannot be opened or dismantled as long as the switch is in the "ON" position.)
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