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10-inch 3xC19 LAPRESA | modular power distribution unit

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LAPRESA - modular power distribution unit

As a modular system, the LAPRESA Power Distribution Unit enables the direct connection between PDU and server unit and, thanks to its flexibility, can be individually adapted to the existing system and requirements. Depending on requirements, the LAPRESA module units can be equipped with four or six IEC load outputs type C13 or C19.

Using the mounting frame for vertical mounting, up to four LAPRESA modules can be combined as required in a rack on just two height units and expanded in a future-proof manner.

A combination of active and passive modules is also possible thanks to the standardized modular design. The optional IEC-Lock® * sockets also prevent accidental loosening of the plug connection during maintenance work.


Increase in plant safety with LAPRESA-I

Power distribution units with intelligent controls can monitor the immediate vicinity of the server via external temperature and humidity sensors. Up to two sensors can be connected to each module.

The LAPRESA-I module enables the permanent monitoring of important measured variables. Voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, phase angle and power factor are monitored separately for each individual load output and deviations outside of the freely configurable parameters are forwarded directly to any number of clients via e-mail, syslog or SNMP traps. With the assignment of the IP address in the FNT-Command, the data exchange takes place automatically via our own developed interface.

LAPRESA-I increases the fire protection of your server system through the possibility of residual current measurement.

* IEC-Lock® is a trademark of Scolmore International Limited

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On demand working days
Electrical connection:
Single phase 230V / 16A
Electrical connection plug type:
Number of outlets C19:
Total feed measurement:
Messung Einspeisung je Phase:
Messung je Outlet:
Statusüberwachung Schutzschalter:
Outlets schaltbar:
Serielle Schnittstelle:
SNMP fähig:
GSM Schnittstelle:
Anschlussmöglichkeit von Sensoren:
Software zur Datenerfassung:

LAPRESA-Flyer (Flyer_DCP_LAPRESA-I.pdf, 1,633 Kb) [Download]

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