DC08 1/2 rack

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Deployment time1 to 3 working days Werktage Contract period36 months Energy costs per kWh00:22 € / kW/h Connection / cooling capacity per rack2 kW

Minimum quantity for "DC08 1/2 rack" is 1.

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Deployment time:
1 to 3 working days Werktage
Contract period:
36 months
Data center energy costs (including all charges)
Energy costs per kWh:
00:22 € / kW/h
Data center racks
Connection / cooling capacity per rack:
2 kW
Rack type:
1/2 rack (half rack, partition, separate doors)
Rack installation with warm / cold aisle separation:
Rack depth:
120 cm
Rack width:
80 cm
Rack height (usable U):
22 U
Rack load capacity:
1,000 kg to 1,500 kg
Rack locking system:
Mechanical closure
Rack redundancy power supply:
2N (redundant A + B power supply)
Dreiphasig 16A
Air conditioning redundancy:
N + 1
Data center energy efficiency
Design PUE:
Operationally measured PUE (12 months):
Data center sustainability
Electricity from renewable sources:
Regenerative Energie wird als Zertifikat eingekauft:
Betreiber erzeugt selbst regenerative Energie:
Nutzung Abwärme des RZ:
Errichtung des RZ mit nachhaltigen Materialien:
Nachhaltige Materialien zertifiziert:
Data center SLA
Guaranteed total availability:
99.98 %
Overall availability basis:
Annual mean
Power availability for redundantly connected customers:
99.98 %
Guaranteed availability of air conditioning:
99.98 %
Availability of air conditioning base:
Annual mean
General data center
Type of building:
Dedicated building
Modular construction
storage areas:
parking :
Covered delivery:
Truck loading ramp / lifting table:
Temporary jobs:
Permanent jobs for rent:
Use of meeting rooms possible:
Temporary storage space:
Permanently rentable storage space:
Raised floors in the data center areas:
Soil is dissipative:
Data center security
Protection / zone concept was implemented:
Fenced off area:
Fence with step over protection:
Fence and gate monitored by sensors:
Fence and gate under video surveillance:
Apron surveillance with video:
Apron monitoring with additional sensors:
Approach protection building:
Burglar alarm system building outer shell:
Burglar alarm system IT areas:
Burglar alarm system technical operating rooms:
Intrusion alarm system for traffic areas:
Video surveillance building outer shell:
Video surveillance IT areas:
Video surveillance of technical operating rooms:
Video surveillance traffic areas:
Separation system / lock building access:
Isolation system / sluice IT rooms:
Separation system / lock technical operating rooms:
Electronic access control system:
Two-factor verification (card + pin, etc):
Biometric verification:
Security Staff:
24h / 7 days on site
Security Service on call:
Data center fire protection
Wall openings sealed in wall class:
Floor coverings flame-retardant / non-combustible:
Fire alarm system with smoke detectors:
Fire alarm system with combination detectors (smoke, heat):
IT rooms with RAS system (early fire detection):
Technical operating rooms with RAS system (early fire detection):
IT rooms with extinguishing systems or oxygen reduction:
Technical operating rooms with extinguishing system or oxygen reduction:
Switching off the fresh air system in the event of a fire outside the building:
Halogen-free flooring:
Halogen-free cable:
Data center supply infrastructure
Medium voltage supply redundancy:
  • Redundant stitch feed
Separate tank for each emergency power system:
Network replacement system fuel supply:
More than 48 hours of operation
UPS system redundancy:
Low voltage distributions redundancy:
Power rails in IT rooms:
Type of air conditioning:
Cold water, chiller, ULK
Air conditioning redundancy devices:
N + 1
Data center hyperscaler connectivity
Amazon AWS:
Google Cloud Plattform:
Microsoft Azure:
IBM Bluemix / Softlayer:
VMWare VCloud Air:
Data center certifications
ISO 9001:
ISO 27001:
ISO 50001:
TÜV level 3
TÜV certificate issued by:
MOT South
Other certifications:
ISO 20000.1
DC built on the basis of EN50600 availability class:
Availability class 3
DC built on the basis of EN50600 protection class:
Protection class 3
Data center services
Availability of remote hands:
  • 15 to 30 minutes during business hours
  • Outside business hours, arrival time 31 to 60 minutes
Access to the data center:
Remote hands (reset, opt. Test, etc.):
  • 24x7
Atdn. service for service providers:
Web tool for tickets and orders:
Acceptance of customer shipments:
Unpacking / packing service, dispatch of goods:
Rack installation of customer equipment:
Documentation / labeling of devices and cabling:
Web-based documentation system for customers:
Data center access and staff
Access to the data center:
  • 24h / 7 days
operating staff:
  • On site during business hours
  • On call outside of business hours
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