Expansion module UMG 96-PA / PA-MID / PQ-L

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RCM function module, temperature measurement, 4th current transformer, Ethernet

to expand the main device of the series with the following main functions:


Two additional analog inputs, eg for monitoring the distribution of residual current from the total residual current between L1, L2, L3 and N and the residual current component in the supply line to the (central) grounding point.


Freely configurable absolute residual current limit values, relative residual current limit value with freely definable reference parameters (apparent power, effective power, etc.) as well as permissible residual current depending on the power consumption or residual current limit values for different power ranges including the respective pre-warning values.


Possibility of visual or acoustic warning when the residual current limit values are reached and forwarding of the excess via the communication interface to, for example, a building management system for permanent residual current monitoring.


Fourth current transformer connection for checking the neutral conductor dimensioning according to DIN VDE 0100-520 / IEC 364-5-5: 1993 of the resulting operating currents in the neutral conductor with asymmetrical, inductive or capacitive loads.


Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP - gateway function for network connection to higher-level software systems of max. 31 DIN rail or front panel built-in devices, energy meters or data loggers of the manufacturer's current product series.


Alternative option for integrating Modbus RTU-certified third-party products after a specific integration test via generic Modbus profiles.


Simultaneous supply of the communication interface and parallel operation of 4 Modbus TCP ports.


Residual current or analogue inputs:

Number: 2

Rated current: 30 mArms

Response current: 50uA

Resolution: 1uA


Temperature measurement inputs:

amount: 1

Approved sensors: PT100, PT1000, KTY83, KTY84


Current input I4:

amount: 1

Rated current: 1 / 5 A

Overvoltage category: 300V CAT II

Power consumption: approx. 0.2VA (Ri= 5mOhm)

Sampling Frequency: 8.33kHz


Approved and compatible for use with the main device only.


Delivery including:

Mounting accessories, documentation, parameterization and evaluation software in the basic version, compatible residual current transformers, coordination of the design with the practical application and the measured variables including their recording intervals, configuration and parameterization of the device (e.g. network type, transformer ratios, addressing of the communication interfaces), delivery , assembly and connection.


Manufacturer: Janitza electronics GmbH

Type: Module 96-PA-RCM-EL

Art.No.: 5232010

Price including assembly:

Broschüre UMG 96-PA (janitza-umg-96-pa-de.pdf, 4,856 Kb) [Download]

Modulerweiterung 96PA MID+ PQL (Erweiterungsmodul_96PA_MID__PQL.pdf, 587 Kb) [Download]

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