UMG 806

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Modular energy meter for DIN rail mounting

Suitable for measuring in all levels of TN & TT networks as well as in IT networks with voltage transformers to record current, voltage, frequency, active, apparent, & reactive power (per phase & total) in the frequency range 45 - 65 Hz, power factor & cos phi, referred reactive & apparent energy as well as referred and delivered active energy (4-quadrant measurement) in separate memory values, continuous true effective value measurement (True RMS).


Can be expanded with a maximum of one expansion module of the type "Module 806-EC1", "Module 806-EI1" and "Module 806-ED1" that can be plugged in on the right side. A maximum of 3 expansion modules of different module types can be connected to a basic device.


Measurement of voltage asymmetry, total harmonic distortion (THD-I & THD-U) and individual harmonics up to the 31st harmonic.


Sampling rate of 8 kHz with 160 measuring points per period & output of the measured values via the interfaces (cycle >=80 ms).


Accuracy classes:

Real work: 0.5S / current: 0.2 / voltage: 0.2


Password protection of the user interface, automatic changeover of the measured value displays and configuration of the parameters directly on the device.


DIN rail mounting, 90 x 90 x 63.5 (WxHxD), 6 TE wide, monochrome LCD display with backlight, 2 buttons, status LEDs to indicate the activity of the pulse input and the activity of the communication interface, cover plates for the screw terminals, protection class IP 20, Protection class: II, net weight: 300 g, heat loss: max. 7 W, including 4 MB memory, clock with buffering.


supply voltage:

Nominal range: 80 - 270 V AC / DC (+/- 10%)

Frequency range (AC): 45 - 65 Hz


Voltage measurement:

3 Ph. + N (LN / LL) max.: 230 / 400 V

3 phase without N/PE (LL) max.: 400 V

Overvoltage category: 300V CAT III


current measurement:

Quantity: 4x

Measuring range / resolution: 5 mA to 6 A rms / 0.1 mA


Overvoltage category: 300V CAT II


Residual current measurement / analog_input:

Number / type: 1x type AC with static limit value

Measuring range / resolution: 0.1 mA to 40 mA rms / 1 µA


Suitable for detecting residual currents > 100 mA.


Data interfaces:

Modbus (RS485)


Data Logs:

Modbus RTU up to 115.2kbps


Digital outputs:

Number / type: 1x optocoupler outputs

Type of function: pulse or limit value output

Supply: 24 V DC passive, electrically isolated

Switching current / voltage / frequency: 10 mA effective DC / 35 V DC / 10 Hz

Pulse width: 80ms

Response time: 500ms


Temperature measurement:

Number / connection / load: 1 / two-wire connection / max. 0.35 kohm

Compatible sensors: PT100

Update time: 1s


Complete output of the measurement data via the Modbus RTU interface including documentation of the Modbus register. Partial integration of the configuration and

Measured data in the parameterization and evaluation software of the product manufacturer, price group: 1.

Delivery including documentation.


Manufacturer: Janitza electronics GmbH

Type: UMG 806

Art.No.: 1402025

Price including assembly:

UMG-806 Datenblatt (Janitza_Datenblatt-UMG806_de.pdf, 124 Kb) [Download]

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