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Parameterization and network visualization software Edition "Expert 100"

in full version as expert software for parameterization and evaluation as a project-related license.


- 100 items (devices, users, data imports)

- Incl. 12 months update period

- Unlimited phone support

- Desktop & Service Installation (unlimited installation)


System features:

- Device configuration

- Logic virtual device and cost centers

- Database management drivers for MSSQL and MySQL, database actions: create a backup, compress data, exchange measuring devices, and much more.

- Automation of time synchronization, automated execution of data exports, database actions, reading of measurement memory, e-mail dispatch

- User management User and rights assignment

- Active Directory API for Windows directory service

- Device monitoring Software device communication monitoring

- Alarm management Monitoring of energy consumption and measurement data, communication and much more. Escalation level management, web and e-mail alarming

- Online recorder recording of measurement data (e.g. for third-party devices and measuring devices without memory, OPC UA client)


Visualization applications:

- Device overview with list search and filter function

- Event transient browser time history and evaluation of network events

- Dashboards & Templates Editor to create visualizations

- Widget basic package (line, pie and bar chart, live values)

- Expert widgets (heatmap, key figures, Sankey, weather)

- Sankey diagram mass flow diagram for live and historical values

- Create and evaluate key figures (KPI).


Reports & Documentation

- Basic data exports (commissioning, EN50160, voltage quality analysis, CSV export, energy report)

- RCM data exports (RCM Report)

- PQ data exports (high availability report, LET report, EN50160 annual evaluation)

- EnMS data exports (utilization report, energy bill)


- Data import CSV

- MSCONS data import

- Modbus third-party devices (TCP & RS485)

- OPC UA client (integrated OPC UA server for access to additional measurement and energy data, production data and business figures)

- REST API interface for developers and application engineers to access live and historical values

- Data export Comtrade format for events and transients

- MSCONS data export for energy data


License keys can be activated via the manufacturer's online license server and credited to a license.


Manufacturer: Janitza electronics GmbH

Type: GridVis Expert 100

Item No.: 5100704

Price including assembly:

GridVis Energiemonitoring (janitza-gridvis-8-de.pdf, 3,000 Kb) [Download]

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