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High performance power analyzer

Suitable for measuring in all levels of TN & TT networks as well as in IT networks with voltage transformers for recording current, voltage, frequency, active, apparent, & reactive power (per phase & total) in the frequency range 45 - 65 Hz, power factor & cos phi, total active, apparent & reactive energy as well as purchase and delivery of active & reactive energy (4-quadrant measurement) in separate memory values, 4 tariffs, continuous real effective value measurement (True RMS).


Modbus RTU & TCP - master function for network connection to your own or higher-level software systems of max. 31 DIN rail or front panel built-in devices as well as energy meters, data loggers & expansion modules per master device of the current product series of the manufacturer. Ethernet gateway function and integration of Modbus RTU-certified third-party products after a specific integration test via generic Modbus profiles. Simultaneous supply of the communication interfaces and parallel operation of 4 Modbus TCP ports.


Functional extensions via installable APPs as well as pre-installed APPs with the following range of functions on the web server: Graphic display of online & historical measured values as well as comparison & interpretation of the measured values recorded with the power quality characteristics and their limit values according to IEC 61000-2-4.


Freely programmable logical & mathematical functions for evaluating the measurement data, the digital inputs and outputs & external ModBus variables via 7 graphic, exchangeable programs (cycle >= 200 ms) such as limit value monitoring, weekly timer, etc.


Provision of measured values for comparing voltage quality characteristics and their limit values according to IEC 61000-2-4 in industrial supply networks.


Measurement of the positive, negative and zero system, voltage asymmetry, total harmonic distortion (THD-I & THD-U) and individual harmonics (even / odd) up to the 40th harmonic and K-factor.


Sampling rate of 20 kHz with 400 measuring points per period & output of the measured values via the interfaces (cycle >=200 ms), acquisition of transient events >50 µs, Recording of over- and undervoltage for visualization as well Short-term interruptions with 20 ms acquisition cycle , half-wave effective value recorder for events & event display (over, - & undervoltage, overcurrent) , 128 MB internal measurement data memory (flash) freely configurable by the user, clock with buffering.


Accuracy classes according to IEC 61557-12 at 50/60 Hz:

Real work: 0.5S - 1 / current: 0.25 / voltage: 0.2


DIN rail mounting, 107.5 x 90 x 82 (WxHxD), 6 TE wide, monochrome LCD display, 2 buttons, protection type IP 20, protection class: II, net weight: 350 g, heat loss: max. 3.2 W, UL 61010- 1 certified.


Supply voltage :

Rated range: 95 - 240V AC, 135 - 340V DC

Frequency range (AC): 45 - 65 Hz

Overvoltage category: 300V CAT II


Voltage measurement :

3 Ph. + N (LN / LL) max.: 277 / 480 V

3 phase without N/PE (LL) max.: 480 V

Overvoltage category: 300V CAT III


current measurement :

Quantity: 4x

Measuring range / resolution: 5 mA to 6 A rms / 0.1 mA

Overvoltage category: 300V CAT III


Data interfaces :

Modbus (RS485), Ethernet (RJ45), Modbus (RS232)


Data Logs :

Modbus RTU & TCP, TCP/IP, DHCP, HTTP, NTP, SMTP Ethernet Gateway, FTP, TFTP, BACnet IP (optional)


Digital outputs :

Number / type: 2x optocoupler outputs

Type of function: pulse or limit value output

Supply: 24 V DC passive, electrically isolated

Switching current / voltage / frequency: 50 mA effective / 60 V DC / 20 Hz


Digital inputs :

Quantity: 2x

Function type: digital or pulse input

Switching voltage level: 0 - 28V DC

Counting frequency: max. 20 Hz


Temperature measurement :

Number / type / total load: 1x 3-wire measurement with 4 kOhm

Compatible sensors: PT100/1000, KTY83/84


Delivery including:

Mounting accessories, documentation, parameterization and evaluation software in the basic version, adjustment of the design to the practical application and the measured variables including their recording intervals, compatible current transformer set min. class 0.5 all-phase, test disconnect terminals with screw connection 0.2 - 10 mm² , jumpers and top-hat rail clamps for DIN top-hat rail mounting in accordance with DIN VDE 0100 - 557.5.3.1., configuration and parameterization of the device (e.g. network type, converter ratios, addressing of the communication interfaces), delivery, assembly and connection.

Primary current at measuring point: '.........' A.


Device version with data communication protocol

BACnet / IP (Yes / No): '.........' 


Manufacturer: Janitza electronics GmbH

Type: UMG 604E Pro

Item No.: 5216202

Price including assembly:

UMG-504 PRO Datenblatt (janitza-db-umg604pro-de.pdf, 257 Kb) [Download]

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