Rent 6 kW 2 racks Edge Outdoor data center Premium IT container - also as a technology / transmission station for 5G mobile communications

delivery time70 working days Price including assembly Connection / cooling capacity per rack3 kW
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Die Rechenzentrums-Revolution: Von den Erfindern der modularen ...
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CDC Capex & Carbon Free Datacenter data centers,

Rent mobile radio station and technical building in a climate-neutral way

We invest in your energy-efficient infrastructure - regardless of whether it is a data center, broadcasting station, fiber optic distributor or technical building : with CDC CAPEX you will benefit from all the advantages of our high-end data center tomorrow. With our rental model, you don't even have to invest for this, because we will do it for you.

For us CAPEX, for you unrivaled favorable OPEX: Tell us your parameters and we will calculate your cost advantage from the combination of rent and energy efficiency. You will be pleasantly surprised.

CDC Carbon Free Datacenter

The climate revolution for data centers with unrivaled low energy consumption and CO2 compensation .

Our data centers are supplied by market-leading manufacturers using indirect free adiabatic cooling or direct free cooling with supporting EC compressor cooling. On the one hand, this means that the CO 2 emissions of our data centers are significantly below those of the competition and, on the other hand, of course, it is also noticeable through significantly lower operating costs.

We compensate for the remaining CO2 emissions during the rental period

the dcOrbis CO2 compensation program. This is how you operate your

Climate neutral data center - CDC Carbon Free Datacenter .

Your data center as a module or container:
We have the best solution

We want to be honest: Don't pack your digital lifelines in a standard overseas container. So far, only the delivery time spoke in favor of this idea. This decision is definitely not sustainable.

MP4 container data center building description

Length: 4.55 m (including air conditioning)
 3.90 m (without air conditioning units)
Width: 2.30 m
Height: 3.45 m (up to the top of the attic)
Clear room height: 2.30 m to the suspended ceiling
 2.90 m to the raw ceiling in the hot aisle area
Floor load capacity: 1.5 t / m² when installed, 0.5 t / m² with craning
General: Self-supporting, pre-installed room module, torsion-resistant steel construction with interior and exterior paneling. Complete pre-installation.
Fire protection: Steel structure clad according to the following requirement:
top, roof REI 90 (fire-resistant) One-sided fire exposure from outside to inside / from inside to outside
Exterior walls REI 90 (fire-resistant) One-sided fire exposure from outside to inside / from inside to outside
Module partitions REI 90 (fire-resistant) One-sided fire exposure
Fire damper air conditioning: Optional in BSK90
Burglary security: Optional up to RC4
Minimum thermal protection: The building insulation corresponds to the minimum thermal insulation.
 Both the insulation of the construction and the facade made of mineral wool A1 according to DIN 4102, non-flammable
 Minimum insulation values of the individual components:
 Roof: U = 0.27 W / m²K
 Wall: U = 0.33 W / m²K
 Floor: U = 0.65 W / m²K
Drainage: External drainage
Fall protection: Optional
Roof insulation: Flat roof 0% with EPDM roof membrane
Facade: Mineral wool panels painted to RAL 9017
 Optional other color or aluminum corrugated facade cladding
Doors: Steel fire protection door T30, 1250x2125mm, 62mm thick, single-leaf, aluminum handle set, door closer, with bottom seal for outdoor use, U = 1.3 W / m²K
 Steel fire protection door T90, 1250x2125mm, 62mm thick, single-leaf, aluminum handle set, door closer, with bottom seal for outdoor use, U = 1.3 W / m²K
Flooring: Permanent antistatic floor covering 2mm thick, conductive, for heavy use, base manufacturer + color
 Leak resistance according to DIN 51953,> 10 to the power of 6 to 10 to the power of 8 ohms
 Volume resistance according to EN 1081: <10 to the power of 8 ohms
 Fire behavior according to DIN 4102: B1
 Slip resistance: R9
Inner walls in general: Glass fiber fabric wallpaper and opaque coating, series StoTex Classic 210 P Fine, coating StoColor Select satin matt latex paint RAL 9010
Lighting: LED recessed lights

Brief description of technical equipment data center microprime mp4

Building development and routes:

Floor opening, sealed against water, fire and dirt for the introduction of power and data lines. Separate power and data lines as cable channels above the data cabinets.

Data cabinets and housing:

Data cabinets without doors, width 75cm, depth 120cm, height 48U. Hot aisle enclosure with suspended ceiling and double-leaf swing door for ventilation of the hot aisle area.

Optional cabinet doors at the front and rear.

Electrical installation:

Consists of combined input and output distribution with coarse and medium protection against overvoltage. Input circuit breaker, UPS outgoing disconnector, maintenance bypass for UPS system, consumer outlets for air conditioning, lighting and work sockets, UPS-supported consumer outlets for IT data cabinets, single-phase, 16 amperes (optionally up to three-phase 16 amperes) with cable feed to the data cabinets with CE socket. Optional PDU per data cabinet mit 24x C13 connections, optionally measurable and switchable.

Optional double design of the distributions, cabinet supply lines and PDUs (2N).

UPS systems: From 3 kVA to 12 kVA net power in N and 2N, battery autonomy time between 5 and 15 minutes depending on the expansion stage, efficiency in double converter operation up to 96.5%, in Eco mode up to 99%.
Emergency power systems: Optional power supply system with tank for up to 48 hours of operation, automatic switchover and soundproof weather protection hood.
Air conditioning:

Consists of an air conditioner with direct free cooling, switchover to circulating air mode and compressor cooling, cooling capacity 5 kW.

Scalable from 5 kW to a maximum of 13 kW N and 2N. The operating cost savings compared to conventional refrigeration systems are between 60% and 90%. pPUE depending on the intake and exhaust air temperature, as well as the installation location between 1.03 and 1.10.

The air conditioning is installed on the outside wall outdoors.

Fire alarm and extinguishing technology: Consists of a fire alarm panel and combination alarms.

Access control and intrusion alarm system:

Optional access control system with multi-level authentication.
Energy efficiency: Cadolto Microprime data centers were developed for high availability, low operating costs and best energy efficiency. Cadolto Microprime data centers achieve a total PUE of between 1.08 and 1.25 depending on the operating mode, degree of utilization, supply air temperature and the installation location from a utilization of 25% of the total installed capacity.

The idea sounds simple.
Cadolto Datacenter makes the difference.

We have translated our know-how as the market leader for high-tech buildings in modular construction into an all-in-one solution for data centers . With an ideal floor plan, aesthetic appearance and maximum energy efficiency. Our modular data centers are planned and built in record time and grow with them during operation. Together with the leading manufacturers of the most advanced and efficient cooling systems, we offer the future solution for your new data center.

delivery time :
70 working days
Price including assembly:
Schlüsselfertige Rechenzentren Allgemein
Anzahl Racks:
1,10 bis 1,19
BGF Fläche gesamt:
8 m2
Container - Wandpanele
Fundament erforderlich:
In Abhängigkeit vom Untergrund
Aisle widths in front of / behind racks:
> 120 cm
Power supply total power:
6 kW
Stromversorgung Redundanz:
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Baubeschreibung CDC microprime Container Rechenzentrum (20200810_BAUBESCHREIBUNG_MP4.pdf, 1,724 Kb) [Download]

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