RCM 202-AB - Residual current monitor type A & B+

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2-channel residual current monitoring and analysis device with memory

for recording, evaluating and monitoring residual currents of types A, B and B+ according to IEC 62020 in TN and TT systems (earthed AC systems) using conventional ductable or convertible residual current transformers (type A, B etc.) using a patented measuring method .


Possibility of optical or acoustic warning via external wiring when the residual current limit values are reached and forwarding of the exceeding via the communication interface to, for example, a building control system for permanent residual current monitoring.


Current transformer connection monitoring (wire break or short-circuit monitoring per channel), acquisition of sinusoidal alternating residual currents with frequencies up to 20 kHz (type B+), acquisition of pure direct currents, memory of measured values and extreme values with time stamp, real effective value measurement (True RMS).


The following analysis variables are output:

Individual limit values for type A, type B, type B+ freely configurable

Single frequencies for 1-2000Hz

Spectrum display for 2-20kHz


Measured value display and operation using a two-color LED display (128 x 64 pixels), 3-button operation, self-test and test display, user guidance in German, English and Spanish freely selectable, integrated Modbus RTU termination (120 ohms) using a switch, password-protected parameterization, storage of 18,725 data records (ring memory) with date and time.


Device dimensions (W x H x D): 71 x 90 x 73 (4 TE)

Net Weight: 170g,

Design: DIN rail installation device

Degree of protection according to EN 60529: IP20

Protection class: III (3)

Heat dissipation: max. 8 W


Operating temperature range: -10° C - +55° C (K55)

Temperature range transport & storage: -25° C - +70° C

Operating altitude: 0 to 2000 m


Supply voltage: 85 to 305 V AC ( 50 / 60 Hz )

Rated current Ib: 4 kA

Rated impulse voltage: 4 kV


Number of residual current monitoring channels: 2

Measuring range AC / DC: 10m A to 20 A

Response / reset delay: 10 ms to 10s


Number of digital outputs: 2

Switching voltage: max. DC 60V, AC 30V

Maximum current: 350mA


Number of analogue outputs: 2

Type of analog outputs: 4 to 20 mA

Supply voltage of the analog outputs: DC 12 to 24 V (external)

Required decoupling: Galvanic, when using both outputs



Type: RS485 interface

Protocol: Modbus RTU

Baud rate: 9.6 to 115.2 kbaud


Connection to higher-level systems (GLT) using all compatible Modbus gateway devices from the manufacturer.


Delivery including:

Mounting accessories, documentation, coordination of the design with the practical application and the measured variables including their recording intervals, compatible residual current transformers, configuration and parameterization of the device, delivery, installation and connection.


Manufacturer: Janitza electronics GmbH

Type: RCM 202-AB

Art. No.: 1401627

Price including assembly:

Broschüre RCM202 AB (janitza-rcm-201-rogo-rcm-202-ab-de.pdf, 2,816 Kb) [Download]

Datenblatt - RCM 202-AB (Janitza_Datenblatt-RCM202AB_de.pdf, 451 Kb) [Download]

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