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22kW unit, top supply, maximum cooling capacity 24.7kW
15kW unit, bottom supply, maximum cooling capacity 17.3kW
15kW unit, top supply, maximum cooling capacity 17.3kW
30kW unit, bottom supply, maximum cooling capacity 33.8kW
45kW unit, bottom supply, maximum cooling capacity 48.6kW
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The Datacool Packaged is a technologically advanced range of precision cooling units, combining fresh air free cooling and refrigeration to offer maximum value for critical environment consumers, reducing installation expenditure and minimising energy consumption and operation costs.


1 Energy Saving

When the outdoor temperature is lower than that of the
room, the built-in free cooling system will bring fresh air into
the room to avoid the compressor working, which reduces
the power consumption. When the temperature difference
between indoor and outdooor is greater than 10°C, the free
cooling system can supply 100% of the cooling capacity,
saving 90% energy.

8 High torque and low leakage air damper

The unit is fitted with air dampers with high torque actuators to ensure reliability and low leakage. The on/off cycle is less than 90 seconds, with air leakage less than 5% when under pressure of 125Pa.

2 Good structure design and easy maintenance

All routine maintenance is from the front of the unit, with
easily removable access panels. The unit is supplied in sections
for on-site assembly, making transport and installation easier.

9 Auto changeover of working mode

The unit automatically selects the working mode: mechanic
cooling or free cooling according to the outdoor and indoor
temperatures. In the event of failure of the refrigeration
system, the unit will revert to fresh air cooling mode.

3 Corrosion-proof

The unit framework is provided for corrosion protection, with
a 15 year lifespan. For coastal regions we can treat the coils
with saline protection as well.

10 Auto restart

When the power is recovered after an outage, the unit will
restart automatically. The controls have an inbuilt time delay, adjustable between 1 to 60 seconds to avoid components starting at the same time.

4 High sensible heat ratio

The sensible heat ratio of all the units is typically higher than

11 Automatic self-diagnosis

The unit continuously monitors its operation, displaying realtime conditions and the unit alarm status.

5 Wide working range

The unit can work at minmum -30°C to +45°C ambient
temperature continuously and reliably.

12 4-Level password protection

There are four levels of password protection for the control
system which are:
Read only: for visual inspection of unit status
Read/write: for altering set points etc
Maintenance and commissioning: for initial commissioning
OEM: factory settings

6 High efficiency fan

The unbit is fitted with EC, super high efficiency and variable
speed fans. The fan will deliver more than 90% of the
designed air flow even when the pressure drop of the filter
reaches 250Pa.

13 Voltage protection

The unit is fitted with voltage protection. When the supply
voltage exceeds the permitted range, or if a phase fails then
the unit will be stopped.


7 Fully automatic control

The unit is equipped with a full automatic control system,
with auto restart.



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