16KW Airsys Optima INV DXA cooling system with inverter compressor and external condenser for data center and telecom

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 Optima INV DXA 90V2A4 + 2xAMAE18


The OPTIMA product family from Airsys was specially developed for use in small, medium and large data centers as well as for process and clean room applications. OPTIMA devices combine precise temperature and humidity control with outstanding reliability.


OPTIMA INV-DXA units have EC fans and inverter compressors with air-cooled external condensers for optimized energy efficiency.


1 Precise regulation

The standard tolerances are: for the temperature ± 1 ° C and ± 5%
for the relative humidity.

7 scroll compressors

The OPTIMA series (DXA & DXW) are scrolled
Equipped with a good compressor
Characteristic efficiency that run with low vibration and
are also relatively quiet.

2 different types of air flow

For the air discharge, the above (O) or below (U)
be determined. In the case of air intake, between O /
U as also selected via the front / back of the device
will. The devices can thus be configured and connected in a variety of ways
adaptable to local needs

8 Separate control cabinet in the device

All electrical ones are in the separate control cabinet
Components wired properly and according to IEC standards
neatly marked and labeled. In him are too
the device control and regulation housed

3 Corrosion Protection

The anti-corrosion coating on the device frame is
designed for a service life of at least 15 years
Use of the device under normal, dry continental climate conditions.
For extremely humid maritime climates, the protective treatment can be reinforced on request.

9 The dehumidification control

The dehumidification process is done by reducing
the surface temperature or by reducing the
Airflow on the evaporator. Systems with variable performance
have properties for current monitoring,
that are displayed locally, but also one
Remote monitoring are available. The energy monitoring
Are available. Energy monitoring can be used
are about efficiency across systems, regions and
Across networks

4 Serviceability

The device-internal air duct is separated from the
Compressor compartment, the control cabinet with the control and
Safety devices. This allows the normal
Device maintenance also carried out while the device is in operation

10 electric steam humidifier (optional)

The steam output and thus also the heating current consumption
are precisely controlled by the microprocessor control.
Monitoring the quality of the feed water and the
Blow-down behavior improves the cylinder life
and thereby reduce the required maintenance intervals.

5 EC fan

Highly efficient EC fans, integrated into the OPTIMA

11 electric heating (optional)

The sophisticated construction of the electric heating register
Stainless steel pipes (with spirally wound fins
to improve heat transfer to the passing
flowing air) enables operation with lower
Surface temperature
=> No unpleasant smells from scorched air particles.

6 air filters

The class G4 air filters are easy to maintainlich and
have a long service life because they are washable. You are as
Basic equipment installed. A filter monitor can be used as an accessory
to indicate that the filters are dirty.

12 Device self-monitoring

All on the microprocessor of the device control
connected components are constantly monitored.
Detected malfunctions are reported and at
The device is switched off in the event of serious faults.
The detected error is shown in the display




Functional scheme


Direct expansion device, air-cooled (DXA)

Room heat is transferred to the circulating refrigerant in the indoor unit at the evaporator and released to the environment outside at the air-cooled condenser.
Air-cooled DX system (DXA) includes expansion valve, evaporator register, scroll compressor and refrigerant line.


Direct expansion device, air-cooled; with indirect free cooling (FC.DXA)

The FC.DXA device is a two-circuit system that combines DXA heat emission with indirect free cooling. The respective cooling circuits are independent of one another.
When cooling is requested and the difference between the indoor and ambient temperatures is sufficient, the device works in FC mode to provide indirect free cooling by dissipating heat via a dry cooler. Mechanical cooling is only switched on if the free cooling capacity is insufficient to cover the cooling load.

Direct expansion device, air-cooled; with additional cooling register (DC.DXA)

The FC.DXA and DC.DXA series are largely identical. The additional register in the indoor unit becomes one here
external, on-site cold water network supplied. This series therefore also offers two independent cooling systems (air-cooled direct evaporation, cold water cooling), the use is mainly based on redundancy considerations.


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