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Connection cable | 1.0 mm² | IEC lock optional | halogen free

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Halogen-free device connection cables with or without IEC lock *
Halogen-free cables have long been required in sensitive areas such as public facilities and buildings for fire protection reasons. However, it also makes sense to equip office buildings, practice rooms or workplaces in general and, of course, data centers with halogen-free cables, as they release fewer toxic gases in the event of a fire.
It is also necessary that the cables have flame-retardant and self-extinguishing properties and that a fuse effect is excluded. Both the patch and power cables used must meet these fire protection requirements.
Although halogen-free cables are already widespread in electrical and network installations, PVC cables (polyvinyl chloride) are often still used in the last few meters from the junction box to the individual workstation.
Our halogen-free device connection cables combine these basic properties and thus contribute to the safety of your work environment.
Product features
  • C13 / C14 / C15 H05Z1Z1-F 3G1.0mm² - 10A @ 250V
  • C19 / C20 H05Z1Z1-F 3G1.5mm² - 16A @ 250V
  • Material: LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)
  • Trigger protection (IEC-Lock *) optional
  • Connection type: C13 / C14, C14 / C15, C19 / C20, C13 / C20, Schuko, individual plug combination on request
  • Color: black, gray - individual color on request
  • Length: according to selection or individually on request
* IEC-Lock is a trademark of Scolmore Ltd.
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Die Notwendigkeit halogenfreie Kabel zu ver verwenden (Infoblatt_halogenfreie_Kabel.pdf, 349 Kb) [Download]

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