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FO uniboot duplex patch cable URM NG P2 - URM NG P2

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FO uniboot duplex patch cable URM NG P2 - URM NG P2

With the duplex cable it is possible for you as a user to connect your active devices and distribution technology over short distances in the protected interior area. The lower cable load means that more cables can be traded in the same space.

The comparatively thin cables offer the flexibility you need at the transition to your connection route. Thanks to its bend-optimized fibers, it allows the smallest bending radii and thus increases the reliability.

The URM NG P2, assembled on both sides, is convincing as a duplex connector of the URM family, which is particularly characterized by its easy handling and migration to Base-8 cabling. With the plug-in compatible URM NG P8, multi-fiber systems can be easily integrated.

Product features:

  • Round cable, 2 fibers in one cable, Ø 1.85 mm, color: heather violet
  • Cable sheath FRNC, halogen-free, flame-retardant, no corrosive and toxic fumes
  • Cable label including barcode and serial number

  • Plug: URM NG P2 / UPC, color: heather violet
  • Connectors standardized according to IEC 61754-34
  • Push locking
  • Ferrule Ø1.25mm, axially sprung
  • Optional: flexible kink protection, adjustable in every direction from 0 ° -90 °
  • Polarity can be exchanged using a tool
  • Connectors according to RoHS
  • Insertion loss multimode: ≤ 0.20 dB
  • Return loss: ≥ 35 dB

* For orders under € 200, we reserve the right to charge a minimum quantity surcharge of € 25.
** Forwarding costs will be passed on to you according to the billing of the forwarding agent.

delivery time :
On demand working days
Cable fiber
patch cable
Fiber Art:
Multimode 50 / 125µ
Fiber class:
polished style:
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Datenblatt LWL Patchkabel URM (Patchkabel_URM_P2_-URM_P2.pdf, 109 Kb) [Download]

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