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FO fanout cable MTP-LC

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FO fanout cable MTP-LC

FO fanout cables for network connections can be made available in different versions. Depending on your requirements, a 12-way, 16-way or 24-way MPO / MTP® connector with the corresponding number of individual whips, each with an LC Uniboot connector on the other side, is pre-assembled.

Thanks to system-oriented connector combinations, they are application-independent and suitable for all Ethernet and Fiber Channel applications. Precisely fitting pre-assemblies with multi-fiber connectors minimize the installation time and cable load on site and make excess length storage unnecessary.

Product features:

  • 12-way, 16-way or 24-way assembled indoor cable IF (ZN) H… with an MPO / MTP® connector on one side and all common connector types on the other
  • Flame-retardant and halogen-free jacket
  • Cylindrical sleeve to protect the transition to the individual whips, consisting of a hollow tube with strain relief
  • Pull and protection element on customer request
  • For even more flexibility, the fanout cable can also be offered as a direct split without a partition element

* For orders under € 200, we reserve the right to charge a minimum quantity surcharge of € 25.
** Forwarding costs will be passed on to you according to the billing of the forwarding agent.

Cable fiber
patch cable
Fiber Art:
Multimode 50 / 125µ
Fiber class:
plug type:
  • LC
polished style:
  • Other

Datenblatt LWL Fanout-Kabel MTP-LC (LWL_Fanout-Kabel.pdf, 394 Kb) [Download]

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