Eaton RZ UPS 93PM 50 kW modular with internal 10-year batteries

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Eaton RZ UPS 93PM 50 kW Modular with internal 10-year batteries

Power 50 kVA / kW

with 10-year batteries, 7 min bridging time at full load

Compact system in a minimal footprint (0.5m²)

Online VFI-SS-111 technology

96.7% efficiency in online mode

99% efficiency with the Energy Saver System

intuitive, user-friendly touch screen display

Advanced Battery Management (ABM)

Output power factor = 1.0 (watt ~ VA)

3xMinislot slots for communication connection

USB port for maintenance and firmware updates

12 months warranty as standard

24-month warranty when commissioning an Eaton commissioning (intervention or commissioning)


Width (mm) 560

Depth (mm) H2

Height (mm) 1876

Highest availability with the lowest total cost of ownership

Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)

• The 93PM UPS sets new standards with an efficiency
up to 96.7% in double conversion mode, which is significant
Savings in operating costs.
•> 99% efficiency in Energy Saver System (ESS) mode.
• High efficiency even with low utilization, optimized by the
Variable module management system (VMMS).
• Maximum power and energy density ensures you
compact space requirement.

Ultimate reliability

• The patented HotSync® load distribution technology
enables the parallel operation of static converters without
Communication or load balancing signals. Without necessary
Communication link eliminates the risks of one
"Single point of failure".
• A static bypass per UPS enables full to be reached
Bypass capacity from day one. Power modules
can be added as the load increases.
• Equipped with an ultra-fast fuse in the static
Bypass - which guarantees security in all scenarios.
• Equipped with feedback protection - no need for
further installations
• The wide power factor range enables protection quickly
changing load power factors without derating.
• Intelligent battery charging through Advanced Battery Management
prevents unnecessary charging and delays the
Battery wear rate significantly.

High scalability and easy use

• Scalable and modular design paired with the
"Pay-as-you-grow" ability minimize capital expenditure.
• Thermal management support enables flexible installation
on walls, in rows and in warm / cold aisle configurations
• Fast access allows a short mean repair time (MTTR)

Easy management

• Wide range of communication options
(Web / SNMP, Modbus / Jbus, relay contacts)
• The Intelligent Power® software integrates for monitoring and
Management in leading virtualization management systems
• The intuitive touchscreen LCD user interface and the visual
Data logging provide clear information about the UPS status.

USV Anlagen elektrische Eigenschaften
Power kVA:
Power kW:
  • 380 Volt
  • 400 Volt
  • 415 Volt
  • 50 Hz
  • 60 Hz
Power Faktor Eingang:
USV Anlagen Energieeffizienz
UPS efficiency double conversion operation at 50% load:
96.6% to 97.0%
UPS efficiency in energy saving mode (standby / offline) at 50% load:
> 99.0%
USV Ausstattung
  • Internal batteries included
  • 5 bis 10 Minuten
Battery type:
  • Eurobat 10 years

Datenblatt (cross_domain_ll_download.asp, 114 Kb) [Download]

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