Eaton RZ Power Expert UPS 9395P Modular 900kVA, prepared for parallel / redundant operation

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9395P with 3-phase input and output

Incl. 4 X communication slots

Operator's manual

Transformerless design with IGBT rectifier

96.3% efficiency in online and> 99% efficiency in ESS mode

Energy Saver System (ESS)

Easy Capacity Test (ECT)

Variable module management system (VMMS)

12 months warranty as standard

24-month warranty when commissioning an Eaton commissioning (intervention or commissioning)

50 years leader in the UPS industry

Eaton's many years of UPS experience include Web 2.0, multi-tenant, medium and large corporate data centers, and industrial applications, giving us a deep understanding of our customers' needs.

Innovation is an equally essential part of our traditions with patented systems such as Best Power, Powerware, MGE Office Protection Systems and B-Line. We have been a pioneer in the innovation of UPS systems for 50 years, offering our customers new, more advanced, more efficient and more reliable power supply solutions. The UPS 9395P is one of the latest in the long line of our market leading, technologically advanced UPS systems for mission critical applications.

We meet your expectations

The 9395P is designed to meet your current and future needs for efficiency, resilience, scalability, and more. The system not only offers market-leading efficiency in all operating modes, but also an improved modular design to support the scalability and minimization of the MTTR. The success of the design and technology is clearly confirmed by our globally installed capacity of more than 5 GVA. The result? Significantly lower total cost of ownership.

100% quality and more ...

Like all of our 3-phase UPS systems, the 9395P is manufactured in our production facility in Finland. The manufacturing facility has manufactured more than 250,000 UPS units in over 50 years.

The site in Finland is also home to Eaton's large UPS competence center, which receives more than 500 visitors annually for Factory Acceptance Tests (FATS) and demonstrations.

Innovation in action

Our strong presence in innovation makes us the first choice as a leading company in GreenDataNet: a consortium of technology innovators and manufacturers who work on the development of the latest technologies that enable urban data centers to balance increasing demand with a sustainable energy policy. Other members of the Green Data Net are: the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Nissan, ICTroom, Credit Suisse, the French Commission for Alternative Energy and Nuclear Energy and the University of Trento.

Highest availability

A UPS is an essential element to ensure the highest possible availability of a power distribution system. The Power Xpert 9395P offers a variety of features in a proven design to maximize the availability of the power system. By fully utilizing the features of the 9395P, customers can ensure the availability of maximum guaranteed performance to meet the needs of the most demanding mission-critical applications.

Simple and flexible

Thanks to the modular design and tailor-made solutions, the UPS can be easily configured so that all site-specific requirements for performance and redundancy can be met flexibly.

Network compatibility

The 9395P's design, tools, and features help ensure its compatibility with the needs of the surrounding power distribution network. The main functions support protection selectivity, generator compatibility and the ability to handle demanding engine and VFD loads.

Easy maintenance

The modular design, HotSync technology and service disconnect function of each power module enable the 9395P to deliver conditioned power to consumers even during UPS maintenance.


From technology to mechanical and thermal design, the 9395P has a number of functions to ensure the highest possible reliability for mission-critical systems

Your mission-critical UPS

The Power Xpert 9395P UPS provides the performance, reliability, and flexibility you need, no matter what mission-critical application it isis used.
It is ideal for:

• large data centers
• large infrastructure projects
• critical financial and banking infrastructure
• large industrial complexes or other buildings
• healthcare facilities
• Process control technology
• Telecommunication systems

More protection, more options

With the addition of the Power Xpert 9395P to the Eaton UPS series, there is now an Eaton UPS that meets most major mission-critical application requirements with the highest possible energy efficiency.
The rated power of the 9395P is between 250 kVA and 1200 kVA. The 9395P can be delivered with an active power of 0.9 pf,
so that normal consumers can be supplied without oversizing the UPS.
More flexibility

Eaton System Bypass Module (SBM)

In addition to the design of the distributed bypass system, the Eaton SBM offers additional flexibility and a number of alternatives for your system design by supporting centralized, multimodular parallel 9395P systems. The SBM is available as standard in the power levels 2000 A, 2500 A, 3200 A, 4000 A and 5000 A and includes a central static switch for continuous operation, feedback protection and centralized bypass systems.

Lower total cost of ownership

Because the UPS 9395P is particularly efficient thanks to a number of leading (partly Eaton-owned) technologies, it helps
You to minimize your total cost.

Leading efficiency technologies

Lower energy consumption
The extremely high double conversion efficiency (96.3%) of the 9395P reduces energy losses and consumption. At
the 9395P's output is completely isolated from any anomalies in the power grid. So it delivers even in the event of severe disruptions
100% conditioned, perfect sine waves.

Optimized double converter
The variable module management system (VMMS) helps to achieve high efficiency, even if, as with redundant ones
Systems common, the UPS utilization is low. The VMMS optimizes the load distribution of the individual power modules in single or parallel UPS systems by bypassing the excess power modules. This not only results in higher efficiency at lower loads, but also optimal efficiency at all load levels, like the one below
can recognize.
VMMS and ESS are intelligent operating modes for optimizing the UPS performance according to the load changes or the network quality. Due to the inherent load distribution, the 9395P system is able to maintain maximum load protection even in the event of total communication failure under changing load and performance conditions.

Ultimate savings

Thanks to the Energy Saver System (ESS), the UPS Eaton 9395P can achieve over 99% efficiency by suspending the power modules
if no voltage conditioning is required. Power is supplied via the static bypass switch, and the
The UPS is ready in less than two milliseconds if the preset threshold values are exceeded in double conversion mode
switch. In addition to the reduced power loss, the ESS mode also offers surge protection. It's just about
the most modern, reliable and fast-reacting energy-saving architecture there is.

Easy capacity test

Load testing can be costly and time consuming - but not with the 9395P. The Easy Capacity Test (ECT) function guides the energy
back from the UPS for testing. So it is not necessary to rent an expensive load bank and for temporary wiring and time
Wasting energy.

Reduced space requirements

The Power Xpert 9395P offers a higher power density and allows you to get more power on the same footprint
achieve. This means you can now get the performance you need while saving valuable space.


No matter how far and how quickly circumstances change - the Power Xpert 9395P is designed to:
a stable, uninterrupted, clean power supply is guaranteed. Market-leading resilience is one
Thanks to a variety of the latest technologies built into the 9395P.


A patented load distribution technology for the parallel operation of static converters, without communication or
Load distribution signals. The Power Xpert 9395P is not on a communication link, master control or
Synchronization signals appliedies and therefore offers the highest possible reliability in load distribution, because the
There is no risk of a single point of failure in a UPS system operating in parallel.

Highest availability

The Power Xpert 9395P has one static switch per UPS. This concept enables full bypass capacity
from the first day of operation. Power modules can be added as the load increases. The availability of the full
Bypass capacity ensures selectivity and error coordination from day one.

Advanced Battery Management (ABM)

Extends the life of valve-controlled lead-acid batteries (VRLA batteries) with an intelligent charging routine. The batteries are not charged unnecessarily and battery wear is significantly reduced. ABM technology is a widely used and recognized technology with 20 years of success.


The Power Xpert 9395P series offers several options for scaling and adapting to yours
Application. The power scaling of the modular UPS can be achieved by:
• The increase in UPS capacity.
• Adding a new UPS parallel to the existing system or
• Adding another UPS and moving the load onto it.

Eaton's HotSync technology and synchronization accessories ensure that scaling can be performed reliably regardless of the method used. Scaling capacity
The modular design of the 9395P means that the UPS capacity can be increased at any time by simply connecting power modules to the
existing UPS can be connected. The capacity can be increased in steps of 250 kVA or 300 kVA, though
full bypass capacity is provided from day one.

Higher short-circuit current

The UPS static bypass can be set independently to manage higher fault currents. Hereby
the UPS can meet site requirements without having to go into more in the event of higher short-circuit current levels
UPS capacity needs to invest. At higher fault current levels, Eaton SBM can do a great job thanks to the central bypass design
Provide bypass performance.

System synchronization

The Power Xpert 9395P platform offers a number of options for synchronizing with other UPS brands or types
(eg double-fed STS loads) or for the synchronization of different systems with unsynchronized sources to enable the transfer of loads from one system to the other. This will give you greater flexibility
maintenance and scaling of UPS performance without compromising system reliability or service agreements.

Power protection easier

The Power Xpert 9395P not only makes power protection more efficient, robust and scalable, but also easier. Easy installation and a large, improved display maximize ease of management and deployment.

User-friendly handling

A spacious installation cabinet with top and bottom cable entry makes the 9395P much faster and
easier to install.

Easy maintenance

After installation, customer service and maintenance are also simplified without affecting availability. As long as the UPS has more than one power module, it is possible to work on a single module, while the UPS still supports the load in double conversion mode. This is only due to the modular structure of the 9395P and the safe and simple separation of the individual
Power modules possible.

Easy handling

A flat 7 "or 10" touchscreen display on all 9395P devices facilitates monitoring and control
the UPS. More information can be displayed at the same time, diagrams and logs are easier to read.
Users can:
• View efficiency, utilization and daily consumption information at a glance.
• Identify trends based on daily, monthly and yearly load profile displays.
• Monitor battery usage in the improved battery log
• Track the time in the ESS and VMMS using the new statistics display.

USV Anlagen elektrische Eigenschaften
Power kVA:
Power kW:
  • 380 Volt
  • 400 Volt
  • 415 Volt
  • 50 Hz
  • 60 Hz
Power Faktor Eingang:
USV Anlagen Energieeffizienz
UPS efficiency double conversion operation at 50% load:
96.1% to 96.5%
UPS efficiency in energy saving mode (standby / offline) at 50% load:
98.6% to 99.0%

Datenblatt (cross_domain_ll_download.asp, 146 Kb) [Download]

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