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Eaton Blade Rack UPS 12 kVA for server room data center data center

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The Eaton BladeUPS is a 3-phase double conversion UPS solution for uninterrupted power supply and distribution, specially designed for modern data centers or server rooms for installation in 19 "racks. Eaton BladeUPS is a scalable, flexible UPS solution with which You can keep the total costs (TCO) of your power quality system, including power distribution, under control and optimize it in a targeted manner, because thanks to the scalability, the system can adapt to your requirements and grow with them, and the high degree of efficiency ensures low operating costs without you Having to compromise on availability.

Eaton BladeUPS features

  • Easily scalable : optimize capital expenditure - modular, scalable units allow you to adapt the capacity to your requirements and to grow with them. 12kW to 60kW N + 1, mounted in a single IT rack case
  • Very flexible : Various configuration options, including power supply protection per rack, centralized protection, zone or hybrid protection, depending on requirements. If your requirements change or your IT equipment has to move, simply adapt the BladeUPS or use it elsewhere.
  • Highly efficient : ENERGY STAR® qualified UPS provides 98% efficiency, 65% less heat dissipation and 70% reduction in footprint compared to competition. Designed for the data center - to ensure maximum uptime and maximum efficiency.
  • Long runtimes available - up to 4 separate battery modules
  • Hot-swappable units and components including electronics and batteries
  • The ABM and Hot Sync technologies ensure longer battery life as well as easy configuration and parallel connection
  • It's easy to find the right solution : choose a preconfigured solution or create your own configuration.

Eaton BladeUPS Technical Specifications

Brief overview
rated capacity 12-60 kW in a single rack case
tension 400V
frequency 50/60 Hz
topology Double conversion and high efficiency mode
Efficiency up to 98.6%
configuration Rack mount

High-performance computer systems need more power

The management of a modern computing or network center
puts you under huge cost pressures these days while
You are confronted with the inevitable reality at the same time
Increasing demand for electricity. Blade servers that meet the demands
by corporations, lead quickly to
higher power consumption with the same dimensions.
If it used to be a consumption of 60W per HE,
600W per HE are easily required today - and that in redundant form
Rising costs. The electricity prices are a recurring one
Subject: they keep increasing. At 70% of the data centers
energy costs are becoming the second highest worldwide
Cost factor (based on personnel costs; Gartner, 2009).
Many companies therefore invest in research and
Developing efficient and affordable power supply solutions
for your infrastructure to find.

Excessive heat development. Blade servers generate a lot
Heat and therefore have a very high level of heat just for cooling
- additional - energy requirements. One complete with blade servers
equipped rack can consume up to 30kW of energy. This
corresponds to over 100,000kJ of heat loss per hour
the cooling must be removed and not the slightest
Present benefits.
After the cooling has become a huge cost factor for
As data centers have developed, IT organizations will not remain at all
another choice: they have to use the energy more efficiently,
to counteract the heat loss and the cooling problems.
If you are responsible for data or network centers,
be it as a manager, operationengineer or in the planning stage
Be aware of these critical points and their importance already
deliberately. Your challenge is making the right decisions
to meet - for an efficient and in every way
fail-safe power supply and distribution with increasing
Loads while at the same time keeping an eye on the development of heat
to keep.

Eaton BladeUPS® for your data centers

The Eaton BladeUPS was specially designed for high-performance computer systems
developed. Reliably and highly efficiently delivers
including 12kVA / 12kW power in just 6U standard rack space
Batteries. Several BladeUPS modules can be capacitive
or can be combined redundantly and then deliver up to
60kVA / 60kW power plus 12kVA / 12kW redundancy in one
single rack This gives the BladeUPS a higher power density
than comparable modular solutions from the competition
and only generates a third of the heat.
In addition, the built-in batteries ensure that there is a power failure
for a safe further supply of the loads. The shutdown and
Monitoring software runs the system in an orderly and safe manner
down. With external battery modules (EBM), the
Bridging time of up to 34 minutes at full capacity
or stretch to 76 minutes at half load.
Typical applications:
• Blade servers
• Small, medium and large data centers
• Network cabinets
• PBX and VOIP equipment
• Network applications: IPTV, security
• Storage devices: RAID, SAN
• Database cluster

• Secures the operation of critical applications
through innovative power supply protection technologies,
designed specifically for high-performance computing environments
are designed.
• Supports the ever changing conditions
modern dynamic data centers through a
modular, scalable and flexible UPS architecture
• Saves valuable space in the rack with 12kW power in
only 6U rack height including batteries
• Designed for growth: The modular concept enables
Upgrades from 12kW to 60kW in a single
• Simultaneously reduces energy costs and cooling requirements
thanks to an unmatched degree of efficiency
• Provides the highest level of reliability in the rack, thanks
Eaton´s patented parallel / redundancy operation technology
HotSync® and the intelligent bypass concept
- Tried and tested in thousands of large data centers
• Simplifies installation and service through "plug and
Power ”connectivity and the possibility of batteries and
Exchange electronic modules during operation
("Hot Swap")
• Longer battery life thanks to ABM® technology
- As a result, fewer battery changes and higher system availability

Sustainable by design
For Eaton, sustainability means the ability to meet current needs
to comply with society and future
To enable generations to better serve their needs too
All Eaton solutions are designed to be general
Meet or exceed standards to protect the environment. The
"Eaton Green Leaf" symbol is our additional promise
that a solution has an extraordinary benefit for the environment
and benefits for the user, and that this is checked and
is documented.
Because of their outstanding environmentally friendly properties
and performance, BladeUPS has the label “An Eaton Green
Solution ™ ”.
"To Eaton Green Solution"
• Characteristics
- up to 97% efficiency
- 65% less heat loss
- 70% smaller footprint
- Scalable, modular and flexible design
• Customer benefit
- Best in class efficiency
- Lower electricity and cooling costs
- Longer battery life
- Less space required
- Increased reliability and performance
- Higher efficiency
- Benefit for the environment
- Less energy consumption
- Lower environmental impact
- Reduction of hazardous materials

In times when electricity costs are rising, energy efficiency is increasing
an important point for data center managers.
The BladeUPS has an outstanding efficiency of up to
97% of the time during normal operation, making it the market leader. Self
at less than 50% load, at which the efficiency is usually
decreases significantly, this UPS is still more efficient than competitive products
at full load.
In addition to dramatic cost savings, it has a high system efficiency
further advantages: It extends the battery life
and keeps the temperature in the UPS lower, reducing all components
Live longer and get reliability and performance
overall improve
Even a slight increase in efficiency can be easy
Save thousands of euros. The example below compares
the energy costs for one or five years for a BladeUPS with
those of a competitive solution. It's easy to see that
The BladeUPS is based on the energy and cooling costs alone.

The highly efficient Eaton BladeUPS reduces energy consumption
of a data center in several respects. in the
In the example above, the Eaton BladeUPS lowers the cost of the power supply
by 218 EUR per month. In addition, the high
Efficiency of the UPS meets the requirements for the air conditioning in
Space by more than a third.
If you multiply this by the reduction in cooling costs, this will decrease
the electricity costs by a further 197 EUR per month. Sum up as well
the savings increase with the size of the data center and
the number of UPS systems. The BladeUPS can also - thanks to the
low heat generation - right next to other equipment
can be placed without the risk of hot spots in the data center

delivery time :
20 working days
USV Anlagen elektrische Eigenschaften
  • 400 Volt
  • 50 Hz
Power Faktor Eingang:
USV Anlagen Energieeffizienz
UPS efficiency double conversion operation at 50% load:
96.1% to 96.5%
UPS efficiency in energy saving mode (standby / offline) at 50% load:
> 99.0%
USV Ausstattung
  • Internal batteries included
  • 5 bis 10 Minuten

Eaton Bladeups Brochure (Eaton_BladeUPS.pdf, 1,190 Kb) [Download]

Blade UPS Handbuch (1733_2-BladeUPS_German-Rel.pdf, 1,608 Kb) [Download]

Kurzanleitung (Eaton_9X55_and_BladeUPS_Guide.pdf, 1,136 Kb) [Download]

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