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Eaton 93 PS 10 kVA 8 minutes of autonomy data center data center UPS

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Our advantages

The UPS systems Eaton 91PS and 93PS are uniquely intelligent systems that are both virtualization and cloud capable. Whatever your mission-critical application, the Eaton 91PS and 93PS UPS systems provide the performance, scalability, resilience and efficiency you need for cost-effective business continuity. No matter in general corporate use, server room, data room, network node or data center.

Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)

The Eaton 91PS and 93PS UPS systems cost you less because they are more efficient thanks to a range of leading technologies. The Eaton Energy Saver System (ESS), for example, improves the efficiency of the Eaton 91PS and 93PS systems by up to 99% and saves you over € 10,000 in operating costs within 5 years.

Highest availability

No matter how far and how quickly the circumstances change - the UPS systems Eaton 91PS and 93PS are designed in such a way that they guarantee a stable, uninterruptible and clean power supply. This market-leading flexibility is the result of advanced technologies built into the Eaton 91PS and 93PS UPS systems.

Equipped for the future

The rapid introduction of the cloud, the constant further development of IT technologies, the increasing focus on the ecological footprint and the complexity of business-critical applications require even more efficient, more resilient, scalable and secure power supply solutions. The UPS systems Eaton 91PS and 93PS are uniquely intelligent systems that are both virtualization and cloud capable.
Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)
• Highest efficiency in this performance class with over
96% efficiency in double conversion mode and up to
99% efficiency in Energy Saver System mode
• Scalable construction paired with the "pay-as-you-grow"
Ability (you can add more modules and up to 4 enclosures
add) minimize capital expenditure.
• The Eaton 91PS and 93PS offer significantly more in one
smaller housing with a footprint of only 0.25 / 0.36 m².
• Uniform power factor (1.0) - with more active power
Highest availability
• Hot-swappable power modules can be exchanged or
be added while other modules take the load
continue to protect.
• Modular structure enables internal redundancy (also separate
Battery configuration possible)
• Short-circuit and feedback protection (according to UPS standard) are integrated,
eliminating the need to plug them into the upstream
Distribution incorporate what the total cost
the installation reduced.
• The 91PS / 93PS and Eaton's software suite, the Intelligent
Power Manager®, raise the system's reliability to a
new level by bringing the electrical and IT infrastructure together
delivery time :
20 working days
USV Anlagen elektrische Eigenschaften
Power kVA:
Power kW:
  • 380 Volt
  • 400 Volt
  • 415 Volt
  • 50 Hz
Power Faktor Eingang:
USV Anlagen Energieeffizienz
UPS efficiency double conversion operation at 50% load:
96.6% to 97.0%
UPS efficiency in energy saving mode (standby / offline) at 50% load:
98.6% to 99.0%
USV Ausstattung
  • Internal batteries included
  • 5 bis 10 Minuten
Battery type:
  • Eurobat 6 - 9 years

Eaton 93PS Brochure (Broschure_Eaton-91PS-and-93PS_USV_1_.pdf, 1,774 Kb) [Download]

Eaton 91PS 93PS Datenblatt (Datenblatt_Eaton-91ps-8-30-kw-and-93ps-8-40-kw_Web.pdf, 276 Kb) [Download]

Eaton 91PS 93PS Handbuch (Eaton-91PS-and-93PS-UPS-8-40kW-Users-and-Installation-Guide_Rev5_DE.pdf, 4,460 Kb) [Download]

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