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Delta Eltek Amplon RT 6 kVA Extended Runtime UPS for data centers 19 inch rack installation

CO2 Compensation: 500 kg CO2 will be compensated by the vendor when you order this offer.
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Eltek Delta Amplon RT 6 kVA standard UPS system from 1049 euros


  • Including manual bypass box (PDB1511A531035) with outputs: 2x C13; 3x C19
  • Interfaces: USB; RS232; RS485; Mini slot; Parallel port; 4x dry contacts; REPO

UPS from Delta - Amplon family RT series 5/6/8/10 kVA, single phase

Reliable power supply with high availability and performance

The Amplon RT Series 5-20kVA is an online double conversion UPS that offers best-in-class designs in compact 2U size, high power density, system efficiency and versatile configurations to meet customer demands. The uniform output power factor maximizes the capacity for more critical loads, while the AC-AC efficiency of up to 96.5% and 99% in ECO mode allows for outstanding energy savings. In addition, the RT series 5-20kVA UPS is the first UPS on the market to feature standard external Li-ion battery enclosures that offer better power density and sustainability. Together with the parallel capacity of up to four units, the new series is the ideal low-power UPS for business-critical applications such as servers, data centers, telecommunications and manufacturing.

Availability and flexibility

• Offers true online double conversion topology and zero transfer time to the battery
• Large input voltage range enables the UPS to operate in harsh conditions
electrical environments and extends battery life
• AC start function enables the UPS to be switched on without being connected
• Programmable load bank switches off non-critical loads in the event of a power failure
• Up to four units of parallel capacity enable redundancy and load expansion
• Hot-swap batteries ensure continuous operation, even when the batteries are running out
be replaced
• VRLA and Li-ion External Battery Cabinet (EBC) are available for a scalable runtime
• Extended run time models support flexible battery usage to optimize battery investments. And if a battery fails, it can be removed without replacing the entire battery string, reducing maintenance costs and effort
• The Power Distribution Box (PDB) and the Maintenance Bypass Breaker (MBB), which are included as standard in the RT 5-10kVA standard runtime models, enable simple configuration
• The maintenance bypass breaker (MBB) is optional and enables the UPS to be replaced easily without having to shut down critical systems.
• The rRPP (Rack Remote Power Panel), which can be integrated into standard server racks, simplifies the distribution of power output and power monitoring
• The usual battery configuration is supported in UPS parallel mode to save installation space and additional battery costs (apply to 15/20 kVA)
Efficiency and tenacity
• Uniform output power factor guarantees no power reduction at loads and delivers 100% kW over the long term
• Best in class AC-AC efficiency of up to 96.5% and 99% in ECO mode reduces energy costs
• Automatic fan speed control maximizes system efficiency and significantly reduces audible noise and extends battery life
• Fan failure detection sends early warnings to facilitate predictive maintenance of the UPS


• Intelligent battery management to extend battery life and maximize battery performance. The battery aging detection monitors the battery status for predictive maintenance, and the 3-stage charging mechanism prevents continuous trickle charging of the battery during the pause phase
• Various types of communication interfaces including USB, RS-232 and RS-485 ports, mini-slot, REPO / ROO for remote management, and built-in dry contacts for monitoring and notification of system operating conditions
• UPS management software such as ShutdownAgent and InfraSuite Device Manager allow users to monitor and protect UPS status

Battery pack expansion options

delivery time :
20 working days
USV Anlagen elektrische Eigenschaften
Power kVA:
Power kW:
  • 220 Volt
  • 230 Volt
  • 240 Volt
  • 50 Hz
Power Faktor Eingang:
USV Anlagen Energieeffizienz
UPS efficiency double conversion operation at 50% load:
96.1% to 96.5%
UPS efficiency in energy saving mode (standby / offline) at 50% load:
> 99.0%
USV Ausstattung
  • External batteries included
Battery type:
  • Eurobat 3 - 5 years

Datenblatt Eltek Delta Amplon RT Serie (Leafle-UPS-RT-5-20kVA-CE-std-ext-de-de_1_.pdf, 501 Kb) [Download]

Handbuch Delta Eltek RT Serie (Manual-new-RT-5-10K-de-de_1_.pdf, 8,273 Kb) [Download]

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