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Our advantages

The E-Line KO series is optimized for the transport of energy in the medium current range from 160 to 800 amperes and is suitable for both buildings and industrial plants.

As a prefabricated power installation, the parts of which only need to be attached and plugged together on the construction site, the E-Line KO system can be used in all installation positions without reducing the rated current. Metal tap-off boxes are available for high currents (e.g. for circuit breakers), and plastic tap-off boxes for low currents (e.g. for miniature circuit breakers).

With currents from 160 amps to 800 A, the E-Line KO busbar trunking system is a future-proof investment for the quick planning and implementation of flexible energy distributions in functional buildings in a wide variety of industries. In addition to the manufacturing industry, trade and service companies of all sizes also use the advantages of a technically optimized electrical installation in their buildings.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • Fast and flexible planning Rail distributors enable the planning of power supplies long before the customer knows the final, exact position.

  • Simple and safe assembly
    Prefabricated standard components enable the E-Line KO power supply to be installed using the modular system. The individual components are screwed together. This means that assembly can also be carried out safely by inexperienced personnel.

  • Flexible & secure power supply
    In the event of changes in the production process, the points of departure (points of departure for drawing electricity every 25 cm) allow a quick change of consumer locations. Tap-off units can also be safely plugged in when the power is on. The number of available exit points of a rail line can be limited by sealing unused exit points. On the one hand, the automatic closing mechanism of the tap-off points protects against accidental contact with live elements of the busbar trunking system, on the other hand it offers effective protection against any kind of contamination.
  • Modern appearance
    In addition to the technical advantages, you get a clear installation in a pleasing design.

  • Lowest cost for modification
    Busbar trunking systems can be supplemented, converted or dismantled as required without affecting the guaranteed electrical characteristics of individual components.

  • Maintenance-free electrical connection
    Busbar trunking systems are joined together using a one-bolt connection. Pressure washers at both ends of the connecting bolt ensure that the necessary contact pressure is continuously maintained, which is achieved by tightening the screw connection with a torque wrench to the prescribed 55 Nm (40 lbft).

  • Safe energy consumption
    When a tap-off unit is plugged in, the design ensures that the protective conductor always makes contact before the active conductors. When the tap-off unit is removed, the protective conductor connection is the last electrical contact between the tap-off unit and the busbar trunking system.

  • Safe energy transport
    Due to the constructive properties of the system, the safety of the personnel in handling the busbar trunking system is particularly taken into account. The busbar distributors of the E-Line KO series tested according to IEC / EN 61439-6.

E-Line KO II busbar trunking system Technical properties

Nominal current 160A / 250A / 315A / 400A / 500A / 600A / 630A / 800A for KOA II aluminum conductor systems
Nominal current 250A / 315A / 400A / 600A / 800A for KOC II copper conductor systems
Protection class IP 55S
Aluminium or copper conductor rail option
Aluminum or copper conductors are completely tinned
With 4, 4.5 or 5 conductor rails
Tap-off points at a standard distance of 50cm on both system sides
CE option for clean earth

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