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Our advantages

Highest reliability.
Greatest ease of use.
Future proof.

  • 10 years of continuous availability
  • 350,000 units in use worldwide
  • 1.5 billion hours of running time
  • 9 of the top 10 top-selling Fortune 500 companies use thousands of PX series PDUs.

Solid availability,
No compromise.

Right from the start, the intelligent PDUs of the PX series are equipped with components, functions and features for failure safety that ensure an infrastructure with the greatest possible reliability - today and in the future.

Integrated failover power supply

Even if a power supply fails, both PDUs in the cabinet continue monitoring, alarm and network communication via the energy sharing functions integrated in the iX7 controller.

Extended warning and intelligence functions

Real-time alarms inform you about possible critical events in the energy chain. Being able to monitor hundreds of alarm thresholds with billable accuracy ensures that potential failures can be identified well in advance.

Alarm when the circuit breaker trips

Immediately identify faulty power supplies and react directly to tripped circuit breakers that otherwise remain undetected by the building management system, sub-distributors and non-intelligent PDUs.

Robust mechanical construction

  • Stable cable glands at the input ensure stronger and more solid strain relief than the more common, inexpensive terminals.
  • Solid housing construction, which has no holes or ventilation openings, protects the inner conductors from dust, which can ultimately cause short circuits. Heat is still given off in a safe manner.
  • The small footprint and size allows for easier rack access, increased airflow, and easier physical assembly.
  • The design enables high operating temperatures (60 ° C) and ensures safe operation even in densely populated cabinets with full sustained load.
  • With the output wiring alternating between phases, cables can be easily managed and bundled. It also enables more efficient load balancing.

Energy monitoring at output level

Detect hidden problems in your energy chain, check for real redundancy, and implement more efficient load balancing with detailed measurements of each server-related power supply.

Colored PDU chassis

Simplify the identification of the power source for AC connections by choosing a color coding for the individual phases and on different colored housings to differentiate between the A and B supply, in order to rule out sources of error - and not just attach a small sticker or label.

Interchangeable controller

The intelligent PDUs are equipped with a controller that can be exchanged during operation in order to avoid downtimes in the infrastructure.

Redundant network connections

A modern Gigabit Ethernet port with the support of a second network connection ensuresfor reliable monitoring and enables information to be passed on to building management or IT networks at the same time.

Meaningful LCD display with color matrix

The intelligent PDUs of the PX series can do much more than simply measure amperages and thus simplify commissioning. Voltage, amps, energy values, alarms and configuration settings can be shown on an integrated display.

Clear and intuitive user interface

Interact in real time with the intelligent PDUs of the PX series via a user-friendly user interface that has an identical appearance in web browsers or on iPads, iPhones or Android devices.

Network cascading and integrated wireless technology

Significantly reduce the number of Ethernet ports required for deployments by cascading a network connection across several intelligent PDUs or by relying entirely on wireless technology with the Raritan WLAN adapter.

delivery time :
10 working days
Electrical connection:
Single phase 230V / 16A
Electrical connection plug type:
Number of outlets C13:
Total feed measurement:
Messung Einspeisung je Phase:
Messung je Outlet:
Statusüberwachung Schutzschalter:
Outlets schaltbar:
Serielle Schnittstelle:
SNMP fähig:
GSM Schnittstelle:
Anschlussmöglichkeit von Sensoren:
Software zur Datenerfassung:

Raritan PX2-2493 Datenblatt (PX3-1190R_spec.pdf, 451 Kb) [Download]

Raritan PDU Produktbroschure (DE-ds-PX-PDUs.pdf, 935 Kb) [Download]

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