On-site inventory analysis

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Our advantages

One-day inventory analysis on site to record the need for action

• Inspection of the systems, server areas
• View documentation
• First problem analysis
• Developing suggestions for how to proceed
• Creation of a road map for the further procedure
planning services
planning services:
  • Generalplaner
  • architecture
  • Technical fire protection (fire alarm systems, extinguishing systems, etc.)
  • Data networks (active and passive)
  • Electrical engineering (heavy current)
  • supply technology
  • conveyors
  • MSR and building automation
  • security technology
  • EMC (EMC) planning
  • BIM planning
Planning service according to HOAI:
  • Basic determination (LP1)
  • Planning (LP2)
  • Draft planning (LP3)
  • Approval planning (LP4)
  • Execution planning (LP5)
  • Preparing the award (LP6)
  • Participation in the award (LP7)
  • Object monitoring (LP8)
  • Property management (LP9)
billing practices:
  • HOAI
  • flat-rate

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