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The AixBOMS Infrastructure Management Center (IMC) is your expert system for the integrated documentation and management of IT infrastructures, data centers, and services comprising the main application modules DCIM, Networking, Connectivity, Cable Management, and Service Management.

AixBOMS IMC Basic features
  • easy to use: drag & drop, functional trees, graphical representation and analysis, etc.
  • highly flexible: adapting to your own work environment does not require any customizing or external projects
  • extendable: all application modules are pre-assembled packages derived from the same core
  • open development environment: customizing (forms, reports, etc.) can be done by customer
  • highly integrative: manufacturer-independent data integration engine available
  • continuity and expertise: 30 years of experience as a manufacturer in the market place
AixBOMS IMC Advanced features
  • more than 200 pre-defined CI classes: additional data modeling not required
  • organically grown application modules in various performance ranges from SMB to Enterprise
  • in-house ETL tool for data import and reconciliation with the Integration Engine
  • several thousand plausibility checks, aka Business Rules, included
  • maps & structures for the visualization of CI relations based on an open source standard, 3D visualization option

AixBOMS Networking: Software for the inventory and provisioning of IP addresses and networks

Calculation and representation of subnets and addresses for IPv4 and IPv6

AixBOMS Networking combines the functions and representations of modern IP address management (IPAM) in IPv4 and IPv6 environments. In addition to IP-based network logic, other network objects such as VLANs, logical access, organizational structures and additional addressing are provided. Objects created by the networking application can be assigned to components, ports, logical or virtual connection points.

IPv6 structures need different representations

Because IPv6 structures (networks and addresses) are significantly more complex than IPv4 structures, there is a new editor for the optimized display of the IPv6 world in addition to the conventional tree and topology views: the IPv6 Matrix Editor. It shows the current structures, allows you to change the hierarchy levels with a click of the mouse and calls up administrative operations via its context menu.

Allocation methods for dual-stack operation

If you are already planning the introduction of IPv6, you can also tackle it step by step using AixBOMS via dual IPv4 / IPv6 operation. Two methods for the automatic and automated assignment of addresses are available to you.

Integration of master and CMDB data in address allocation and network organization

Like all AixBOMS applications, networking is based on the common CMDB. This makes it easy to establish relationships with data from other management areas that are useful for planning, billing and troubleshooting. The new enhancements offer network and host name objects that can be included in this service and relationship model as well as infrastructure and service objects.

Reservation pools, host name generator, DHCP / DNS support

Especially for IPv6, new subnetting assistants and human-friendly notations of the 128bit addresses have been introduced, which considerably simplify the handling of the huge address spaces. A host name generator uses individual name sequences (prefix, suffix, counter) that can be specified by the customer to create company-specific host names. In addition, the AixBOMS set of rules for working with IPv6 has been expanded, thereby avoiding network management errors.

Logical objects (VLAN, network organization, access groups etc.)

Reservation pools can also be used to logically divide IPv6 networks or to reserve individual network areas for DHCP, customers, projects, etc. An outstanding feature of the networking application is the management of logical structures, such as VLANs (Virtual Local Area Network) and access groups. This is reflected in the organizational concept for IPv6 networks: the network structure can be defined according to any criteria. Organizational, geographical, technical conditions or a combination of these are possible.


  • Calculation and representation of subnets and addresses for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Allocation methods for dual-stack operation, Matrix Editor
  • Reservation pools, host name generator, DHCP / DNS support
  • Integration of master and CMDB data in address allocation and network organization
  • Logical objects (VLAN, network organization, access groups etc.)
Software - General
Operating environment of the software:
  • On premise (operation in the customer environment)
  • Public cloud (in the provider data center)
Software licensing model:
  • Number of servers
  • Number of users (concurrent user model)
Contract model of the software:
  • purchase license
  • Rental or leasing model
  • Cloud / SaaS
  • Oracle
User interface (GUI):
  • Web browser
  • Desktop client
  • Mobile client (smart phone, tablet)
Software - networking in general
Customer-specific developments / adjustments:
Evaluation (dashboards, graphics, others):
IPv4 network structure (subnetting):
IPv6 network structure (subnetting):
IPv4 address management (IPAM):
IPv6 address management (IPAM):
Dual stack calculation (IPv4 / IPv6):
Network access:
Reservations pools:
Organizational networks:
Private or temporary networks:
RIPE information:
Other address formats:
Software - Networking other
Illustration on maps / building plans / route plans / racks / graphics:
Assignment of addresses to components / virtual components:
Assignment of addresses to ports / virtual components:
Address rollout and activation (provisioning):

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