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The AixBOMS Infrastructure Management Center (IMC) is your expert system for the integrated documentation and management of IT infrastructures, data centers, and services comprising the main application modules DCIM, Networking, Connectivity, Cable Management, and Service Management.

AixBOMS IMC Basic features
  • easy to use: drag & drop, functional trees, graphical representation and analysis, etc.
  • highly flexible: adapting to your own work environment does not require any customizing or external projects
  • extendable: all application modules are pre-assembled packages derived from the same core
  • open development environment: customizing (forms, reports, etc.) can be done by customer
  • highly integrative: manufacturer-independent data integration engine available
  • continuity and expertise: 30 years of experience as a manufacturer in the market place
AixBOMS IMC Advanced features
  • more than 200 pre-defined CI classes: additional data modeling not required
  • organically grown application modules in various performance ranges from SMB to Enterprise
  • in-house ETL tool for data import and reconciliation with the Integration Engine
  • several thousand plausibility checks, aka Business Rules, included
  • maps & structures for the visualization of CI relations based on an open source standard, 3D visualization option

AixBOMS Configuration Management: System administration for SAN, NAS and virtual storage


  • Supports license pools for client licenses
  • automatically counts client licenses (person-specific or product-specific) and performs a compliance check for license agreements
Software - General
Operating environment of the software:
  • On premise (operation in the customer environment)
  • Public cloud (in the provider data center)
Software licensing model:
  • Number of servers
  • Number of users (concurrent user model)
Contract model of the software:
  • purchase license
  • Rental or leasing model
  • Cloud / SaaS
  • Oracle
User interface (GUI):
  • Web browser
  • Desktop client
  • Mobile client (smart phone, tablet)
Software - Asset and Configuration General
Customer-specific developments / adjustments:
Evaluation (dashboards, graphics, others):
Asset management (commercial):
Configuration management (technical):
Product library / duplicable templates:
Icon library (product images):
ITIL compliant (CMDB / CMS / SMDB):
Software - asset and configuration processes
Basic processes IMAC / D:
Basic processes master data (master data):
Basic processes of asset management:
Basic processes data comparison and control:
Basic processes services:
Software - Asset and Configuration data integration
Scripts / API:
Table loader (.xls, .csv, ODBC, JDBC):
Structure loader (ETL):
Other loaders or interfaces:
Control / verification during loading:

AixBOMS Storage (AixpertSoft_AixBOMS_Storage.pdf, 1,544 Kb) [Download]

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