Premium rack 19 ”, 42 U, 60cm x 100cm - water cooled - TCO:

1119,00 €
(1212,61  inc tax) You save net: 100,00 €
Energy costs per kWh0.1949 € / kW/h Connection / cooling capacity per rack1 kW
Shipping time and rates:
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Our advantages

Your rack is in a WindCORES in Paderborn, a "state-of-the-art" data center from WestfalenWIND IT, with all the features you would expect from a modern data center.

We are proud of our USP's:

  • Green electricity and CO2 neutral!
  • Power consumption up to 30 KW per rack possible!
  • The POE is at our expense!
  • We show the "Total cost of ownership" (TCO); with us there are no hidden costs!
  • WindCORES is regionally available, scalable and geo-redundant on request
  • with direct glass fiber to DE-CIX Frankfurt
  • EN 50600 and VK 3 certified

For early bookers: Including a guided tour of the wind turbine!


#Green #Green IT #GreenIT #Eco #Windkraft

Data center energy costs (including all charges)
Energy costs per kWh:
0.1949 € / kW/h
Data center racks
Connection / cooling capacity per rack:
12345678910 kW
Rack type:
1/1 rack (whole rack)
Rack installation with warm / cold aisle separation:
Rack PDU:
  • 400V / 16A (three-phase)
  • 400V / 32A (three-phase)
  • Measuring function (power and consumption) infeed
  • Residual current measurement
Rack depth:
120 cm
Rack width:
60 cm
Rack height (usable U):
42 U
Rack load capacity:
1,000 kg to 1,500 kg
Rack locking system:
Mechanical closure
Rack redundancy power supply:
2N (redundant A + B power supply)
General data center
Type of building:
Dedicated building
Security peculiarities:
  • External surveillance with autonomous AI-supported drones
Data center supply infrastructure
Medium voltage supply redundancy:
  • Ring feed
Medium voltage main distribution redundancy:
Transformer redundancy:
UPS system redundancy:
Low voltage distributions redundancy:
Type of air conditioning:
Cold water, chiller, ULK
Air conditioning redundancy devices:
Data center certifications
TÜV level 3
Uptime Tier Design:
Uptime Tier III
Data center services
Availability of remote hands:
  • 15 to 30 minutes during business hours
  • Outside business hours, start time 61 to 120 minutes
Data center access and staff
Access to the data center:
  • 24h / 7 days
operating staff:
  • On call outside of business hours
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