KÜS Datacenter Colocation Rack M 6 kW Saarland 12 months

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Deployment time1 week Werktage Contract period12 months TCO for complete term (net, at 80% power consumption)20586 € Energy costs per kWh00:28 € / kW/h Energy costs included in the price as a flat rateNo Connection / cooling capacity per rack6 kW
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Laufzeit 12 Monate

One-time setup costs: € 799.00

Whether for business or pleasure - if the digital infrastructure fails, you will feel the consequences directly. You need a strong partner to keep your data safe and to have access to it at all times. The KÜS-DATA data center is one of the most secure in Germany and offers the very highest standards.

Building infrastructure

We deliberately planned our data center not only as a highly secure server environment, but also as a functional and pleasant workplace for our own specialist staff and our customers' guest administrators.

Personal contact with our customers is important to us. For this reason, you will not find purely biometric authentication methods with us, we work with our own staff, 24/7. In this way, we not only achieve a very high level of service, we also increase access security. We want to become part of your company with our data center.

With the possibility of visiting us personally by arrangement, we break down reservations about cloud solutions and show ourselves as a technically experienced and technically well-equipped service provider for your company.

Access control and surveillance

Data theft is one of the top three external threats to your IT. Physical security against unauthorized access is therefore a matter of course for KÜS DATA in the data center. After all, our customers entrust us with one of their most valuable corporate assets - their company data.

In order to protect them from unauthorized access, we use a sophisticated multi-level security system in the data center consisting of highly secure access controls with a separation system, camera monitoring of both the environment and the inside of the building, as well as staggered alarm areas, in which the access authorization is also regulated for our employees in detail.

A Network Operation Center (NOC) is available to our security and administration staff around the clock to monitor our technology. In this way, we can react immediately and at any time to all processes that affect the building and our IT infrastructure.

Our location

In the north of the Saarland

Our location in the north of the Saarland guarantees us the best conditions for the energy-efficient operation of a state-of-the-art data center. We are deliberately located away from the metropolitan areas and are conveniently located and can be reached in less than an hour's drive from Saarbrücken and Luxembourg. Frankfurt is approx. 100 minutes away by car. The location in a modern industrial park offers all possibilities, especially an optimal infrastructure. This includes, for example, the connection to a stable power grid or the use of high-performance Internet routes

Deployment time:
1 week Werktage
Contract period:
12 months
TCO for complete term (net, at 80% power consumption):
Data center energy costs (including all charges)
Energy costs per kWh:
00:28 € / kW/h
Energy costs included in the price as a flat rate :
Data center racks
Connection / cooling capacity per rack:
6 kW
Anschluss- / Kühlleistung erweiterbar bis:
9 kW
Rack type:
1/1 rack (whole rack)
Rack PDU:
  • Measuring function (power and consumption) infeed
Rack depth:
120 cm
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Leistungen (KÜS_DATA_-_Leistungen.pdf, 731 Kb) [Download]

Broschüre (KÜS_DATA-Broschüre.pdf, 6,224 Kb) [Download]

Veeam Cloud connect (Veeam_Cloud_Connect.pdf, 132 Kb) [Download]

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