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Deployment time2 weeks Werktage Energy costs per kWh00:16 € / kW/h Energy costs included in the price as a flat rateNo
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DC10 - Easter renting

Server room / rack

  • Construction phase 1: up to 1,000 m² of rental space, 500 m² of which are equipped with 160 racks and PDUs, and 500 m² can be configured on customer request.
  • Construction phase 2: Another 4,500 m² server room capacity can be planned flexibly and ready for occupancy 12 months after the contract is signed.
  • Power consumption 4-20 kW per rack.
  • Redundant power supply per rack.
  • Real-time measurement of electricity consumption.
  • Redundant air conditioning with cold aisle containment.
  • Optional customization of the racks, such as B. Access, sensors (temperature, humidity, air pressure, door status).
  • Consideration of individual customer requests.


  • Safety fence with protection against climbing over.
  • Sliding gate system with access card reader, barrier and bollard system.
  • Security personnel on site 24/7.
  • Access security on all relevant doors, with card and code or biometric access control.
  • Inside and outside visual building surveillance including IT and technical rooms.
  • Redundant data connection via separate routes.
  • Continuous 24/7 function monitoring of the data center infrastructure.

Fire protection

  • Separate fire compartments within the data center and the technical areas.
  • Early fire detection system.
  • State-of-the-art extinguishing system with Inergen.
  • There is a lightning protection HVI system on the entire building complex.
  • Lightning and surge protection according to DIN EN 62305-5.

Power supply

  • Two separate power lines, connected to three power networks.
  • Own transformer stations.
  • Redundant low-voltage main distribution boards.
  • Redundant, modular UPS systems.
  • Network replacement units with fuel supply for at least 72 hours.
  • PUE value <1.1.


  • High availability class n + 1.
  • Minimum availability of 99.98%.
  • TÜV certified

Air conditioning

  • Year-round river water cooling for optimal sustainability and climate efficiency.


  • 24/7 access to the data center.
  • Acceptance of customer goods deliveries including intermediate storage.
  • Rental of means of transport and tools.
  • Complete assembly service with installation, conversion and expansion.
  • "Helping hands" by highly qualified, own operating staff.
  • Manual storage of common cables on site.
  • Support from external service providers on request.
  • Delivery of hardware (server, storage, network) without operating system.
  • Occupancy and cable planning including inventory documentation.
  • Provider-neutral internet connectivity.

Deployment time:
2 weeks Werktage
Data center energy costs (including all charges)
Energy costs per kWh:
00:16 € / kW/h
Energy costs included in the price as a flat rate :
Colocation area Energy density, dimensions and footprint
CoLocation area in m2 :
Electricity and air conditioning per square meter:
2.5 kW / m2
Maximum height of the racks:
52 HE
Maximum floor load capacity:
1,751 to 2,000
Data center racks
Rack installation with warm / cold aisle separation:
Rack PDU:
  • 400V / 32A (three-phase)
  • Active PDU
  • Measuring function (power and consumption) infeed
  • Measuring function (output and consumption) per outlet
Rack depth:
120 cm
Rack width:
80 cm
Rack load capacity:
1,000 kg to 1,500 kg
Rack redundancy power supply:
2N (redundant A + B power supply)
Colocation area equipment
Racks are provided by the provider:
Yes, see "Data Center Racks" for details
Separation from the other data center areas:
  • Own room fire protection F90
  • Partition (including door) meets resistance class RC2
Closing cage door:
Electronic access control with card
Burglar alarm system for area:
Video surveillance for area:
General data center
Type of building:
Dedicated building
Data center security
Security Staff:
24h / 7 days on site
Data center supply infrastructure
Medium voltage supply redundancy:
  • Ring feed
Medium voltage main distribution redundancy:
Transformer redundancy:
Backup redundancy system:
N + 1
Network replacement system fuel supply:
More than 48 hours of operation
UPS system redundancy:
Low voltage distributions redundancy:
Type of air conditioning:
Cold water, chiller, ULK
Air conditioning redundancy devices:
N + 1
Data center certifications
TÜV level 3
Data center services
Availability of remote hands:
  • 15 to 30 minutes during business hours
  • Outside business hours, arrival time 31 to 60 minutes
Data center access and staff
Access to the data center:
  • 24h / 7 days
operating staff:
  • On site during business hours
  • On call outside of business hours
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